Chairman’s Message

Nasser Jaffer Chairman's Message JBSDefined By Diversity

“Now with the joining of the 7th Generation to the Group in the 7th decade of our operations, Allhamdollilah, we continue as a prominent, diverse and dynamic organization.”

The independence of Pakistan saw our 5th Generation of the Jaffer family moving to Karachi and establishing Jaffer Brothers in 1948. Now with the joining of the 7th Generation to the Group in the 7th decade of our operations, Allhamdollilah, we continue as a prominent, diverse and dynamic organization. Diverse because of the wide portfolio we carry and the industries we touch. Dynamic because of our demonstrated ability to adapt to change and still be consistently successful for generations. We stay committed to upholding the principles and values of our founding fathers while retaining high credibility and trust in domestic as well as regional markets.

As we cherish our past achievements, I am also confident that our Group Inshallah will see greater growth and scale to newer heights in the future. As a business house, we are geared to meet the diversified demands of the local and regional markets in our areas of specialization, namely, agriculture technology and solutions, fertilizer and commodities, project implementation, sale and utilization of state-of-the-art heavy machinery for development projects including construction, information, and communication technology. We also remain strong suppliers to equipment used in healthcare, hygiene and education sectors. We are well aware that while our portfolio is only a ticket to the game, we will only be able to get to and stay at the victory stand by having delighted customers.Our top-most priority has always been customer delight with strong adherence to our vision, mission and core values. Our core values stay as the guiding light of our successful business operations, which also helps us to align to ever-changing times. We strongly believe that by bringing our values to life, we will be able to better facilitate our customers and stakeholders to become extremely efficient, effective and innovative. Our passion is to always be the preferred business house for our customers through our commitment to excellence. Our mantra is simple. We help our customers grow their business, which in turn will help us achieve growth. Adhering to global best practices, we consistently streamline our processes and procedures to remain a Group committed to delivering excellence in its areas of operations. Our HR policies and practices are at par with the best in class, thus attracting, engaging and retaining high-quality professionals from the market. We believe in strong employee engagement, empowerment and skill development by investing in our human resources, which remains our greatest strength.

A key area always close to my heart is our focus on Corporate Social Responsibility. In our own humble way, we have been making an impact in health, education, and skills development segments of this country. Focusing on CSR has been and will remain an integral part of our way of life.

Our key strength also lies in the bouquet of strong Principals who continue to trust the Group to represent them strongly in the market. The cooperation and support of our established and new global Principals bring strength to our operation, thus enabling us to consistently meet challenges and facilitate our pursuit of excellence.

Having great trust in our professional management team, I am confident, Inshallah, that together we shall be able to raise the bar in consistently bringing innovation to our approaches, thus resulting in planned and sustained growth for the Group. I would like to thank all our stakeholders for their active support and resilience. I am confident we will continue to enrich our society to play a strong role in the economic development of Pakistan.


Group Chairman