JBS offers cloud solutions that helps organizations drive innovation and business transformation by increasing business agility, lowering costs, and reducing IT complexity. Its cloud portfolio includes SAAS, PAAS & IAAS.

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Data Analytics

Blutech Consulting is data Analytics Company of JBS. The core business of Blutech is to provide services around data management, business analytics and big data on Hadoop ecosystem. The services are on customer premises and also on cloud.
Blutech’s vision is to simplify the complexities. From setting up the right platforms to implementing the right tools and technologies, we provide a complete big data roadmap that on one hand helps IT department to efficiently manage big data platform at low costs and on the other hand enables business users to ask the right questions from the data, enable competitive edge and make informed decisions.
Blutech is the only company in Pakistan who is making lot of investments in the area of big data. We have setup analytical lab in house to build use cases and products that can solve lot of problems faced by local and international market.
We don’t sell technology and we don’t do IT projects. We do business projects and we solve business problems. In our eyes, business is the one to decide where to go while IT takes them on a drive and that’s why we belong to both business and IT in different perspectives.
JBS has acquired Blutech with a vision to encourage and support the startup ventures in the country.
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ERP Licensing & Support

Jaffer Consulting(JC) is a reseller of Oracle products and is privileged to be one of the oldest Oracle Certified Partners in Pakistan. It also has partnership with SAP. It has the most convenient procedure of deploying ERP Applications.
JC is dedicated to assisting its clients in meeting their mission goals. It has consultants equipped with the latest trainings and certifications to provide customers assistance in areas like system integration, customized reports as well as pre and post implementation support. JC’s technical support division provides help related to administration, application development and functional support.

System Administrator

The System Administrator performs major activities such as System Administration, Database Administration and Application Maintenance & Administration.

Application Developer

The Application Developer is responsible for developing new customized reports for the system. He/she may also be required to amend existing reports.

Functional Support

JC Functional Support has an innovative approach to providing the best support to organizations using Oracle Applications. It recognizes that these systems are both mission critical and complex. JC provides functional support for analyzing and streamlining individual tasks.


JBS  offers data center design / build construction services by assessing requirements of our customers, developing designs and provide consultancy. Our team of experts focus on utilizing industry’s best practices along with business intelligence to create value for customers. In the domain of data center infrastructure deployment we offer multiple services of Power, Cooling, Racks, DCIM, Cabling, Fire Detection & Suppression, Raised Flooring, Security & Surveillance, Access control, NOC/SOC Design etc.

It also offers site evaluation services of DC Audit & Compliance, Power Quality Audit, Environment Scanning & Testing, and Data Center Review. Our data center operational service provide on call support, SLA’s, Maintenance Contract, Professional Trainings.

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JBS Virtualization Services are categorized across the following phases; in our first phase our experienced team of engineer strategize the business and IT objectives; quantify benefits, develop IT strategy.

In second phase we assess and identify current and future states; enhance people, process, and platform readiness.

In third phase, we design and create the solution design, integration plans, and operating procedures.

In fourth phase is the deployment and Implement phase, in which we integrate, configure, test, and validate the overall solution design and then, optimize, analyze, and improve the existing environment and transfer best practice knowledge trainings.

Virtualization Services:
  • Strategize – Align business and IT objectives; quantify benefits, develop IT strategy.
  • Assess – Identify current and future states; enhance people, process, and platform readiness.
  • Design – Create the solution design, integration plans, and operating procedures.
  • Deploy – Implement, integrate, configure, test, and validate the overall solution design.
  • Optimize – Analyze and improve the existing environment and transfer best practice knowledge.

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Network optimization

Your Network is the foundation of your enterprise, enabling collaboration, communication, business productivity, and risk mitigation. The performance of your Network is critical to everything you do. Satisfying ever growing, bandwidth-hungry, application, device, and user requirements in an era of shrinking budgets can be a challenge for any business. JBS provides Netowrk optimization solutions that can accelerate your application performance.


JBS provides a complete one-stop-shop for your servers & storage needs. From the early capacity planning all the way through to after-sales support our experienced, certified team provides the assistance you require to decide towards your servers needs.

JBS provides storage solutions that improve data accessibility, scalability & data performance. Whether its is EVA, MSA, MSL or NAS integration or clustering needs for storage devices, our technical experts provide optimal solutions according to client’s needs.

Professional services

JBS understands that network is the backbone of every business. The business productivity and performance on information transfer rate, information accuracy and security. Keeping this in view, JBS provides a well-planned installation, integration and testing in client environment for effective network.

Managed Services

Through managed services, JBS’ customers can effectively address their organizational and business processes. It takes care of the entire technology lifecycle including analysis, procurement, deployment and maintenance. JBS provides managed services that includes site preparation, help desk services , resident engineers services , complete IT outsource, Hardware installation, software deployment.

Service level agreements(SLAs) with JBS assures clients quality implementation and continued system availability. With enterprise SLAs, client have access to the support professionals and services that best suit their needs. Different types of SLA are done including standard service level, mission critical level and customized support.